When you don't see results on the detox

06 Jan 2014

Many times when I’m mentioning the detox on my Instagram account I get comments from people saying the detox didn’t work for them or they didn’t see the results they were hoping for. I always ask if these people followed the detox properly and didn’t cheat, to which sometimes they say yes, sometimes no and sometimes I can see in their pictures they didn’t fully follow the rules.

My meals from the detox Jan 2- Jan 6

I’ve always put it down to not following the recipes as they are written to not seeing the results and I now understand that sometimes it’s just what happens, even if you follow the plan in full.

I am finishing the 5 Day Detox tonight and for the first time in a year of doing it nearly every month my skin didn’t really get better and I did not lose my bloating. I didn’t really use the toilet even though my fiber consumption is crazy high and I’m drinking loads of water. I’ve been exercising, drinking green tea for the caffeine kick to help get things “moving” in my gut and even took a prune pill (all natural non-laxative) and, well, nothing. I now understand how incredibly frustrating this can be when you are so eager and amped up to lose your bloating, get clearer skin, sleep better, have more energy, and just feel more vitalized!

I will say that I absolutely have enjoyed doing the detox and making all the beautiful food and have definitely had more energy throughout the week, especially after the holidays. I didn’t do too bad over Christmas and New Years Eve, more so just a bit too much wine and champagne, but nonetheless I still was in need of cleansing my body. I’ve throroughly loved posting all my food pictures on my Instagram account to inspire others and hopefully get many people to join me on the detox and I hope that everyone is still willing to try the detox. Even if you are one of these people that don’t see results the first time, don’t fret! For whatever reason it may have not worked as well as you hoped but I do guarantee that you will feel better for eating clean food for 5 days. If you don’t feel you’ve seen the results, then try it again! Maybe you cheated a tiny bit and ate too many nuts (this is always my downfall!), or maybe you didn’t drink enough water, maybe you skipped some of the meals or mixed them up (i.e. having breakfast for dinner). For whatever reason, don’t worry and just try again.

My meals from the detox Jan 2- Jan 6

Think about the first time you started learning to drive, you didn’t get in a car knowing exactly what to do. Sometimes it can be the same with clean eating  or doing a detox. Your body isn’t always used to the changes you are doing. Add to this a lot of people do a detox to purely lose weight and solely focus on a number on a scale. This in turn makes you stress out, which releases cortisol and can inhibit proper digestion. (For me, I don’t weigh myself but I was rather focused on losing bloating and not feeling so ‘tight’ in my clothes, which I think had a negative impact on my mind.)

So with that, I’ve enjoyed the detox! I didn’t see the results I wanted and don’t feel light like I normally do, but that won’t stop me from doing it again next month! It also doesn’t mean I’m going to go off the rails and go eat a bunch of junk… it just means that I will keep eating this way, clean and fresh foods, and enjoy all the beautiful sunshine that Los Angeles has to offer me in the coming days.

Peace, love and detoxing!



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