Why is losing weight so hard?

15 Dec 2012

Losing weight. Why is there so much confusion about this concept? Shouldn’t it be as simple as: eat less and exercise more?

We have so many tools like mobile applications, websites to collect calories we eat and tell us what to eat and when, YouTube with millions of workout videos and an abundance of nutrition websites to help us out to get in shape and feel better about ourselves. We get acupuncture and hypnosis to stop our food cravings, and take pills that promise to make you lose 1,983 pounds by tomorrow. Yet, we are stuck in the same place we were prior to all this: how do I lose weight and keep it off. We have hit a time where I feel there is information overload, which causes us to get more confused then we were prior and leads to no change at all.Exercise more, eat less

Which diet do I try? Do I focus more on eating less? Do I count calories? Do I eat more protein and fewer carbohydrates? Do I cut out fruit? Should I eat only fruit? Do I skip meals to lose weight? Do I cut out alcohol? What exercises should I do? How many days do I need to go to the gym? How many calories should I burn? What do I eat prior to workouts? What do I eat after I workout? I’m eating well and exercising but not losing weight, why?

Truth or lies about dieting?

So. Many. Questions.

Shouldn’t we have it figured out by now with all the information available?! To be honest, I’m in the same boat as the rest of you. I want all the answers and quick. I want to get in shape yesterday, eat anything I want, and still lose weight. I want to be healthy and happy. In my own personal healthy living journey I’ve come across so many conflicting words of advice that it ends up backfiring and I go back to my old habits. A prime example of this was in August when I ended up paying a very high profile nutritionist $200 to create a meal plan for me that would allow me to lose weight (not a lot, just a few pounds of body fat), gain lean muscle, all while maintaining enough energy for the extreme training I was doing for my first triathlon. While the plan she gave me was good, it was too hard to follow. She didn’t take into account my lifestyle (including where I live, my job, amount of food my body can handle, etc.) and instead gave me a plan based on the components she uses in her book with some added meals throughout the day. I couldn’t follow it. Simple as that. It was too much food for my body and far too expensive for me to buy as much food as she was suggesting.

Me during a small hikeWhen I finished my training and did the triathlon, I began eating and exercising according to my body. “Listening” to what worked and what didn’t by the soreness of my muscles, how much energy I had, and how often I was hungry.  I stopped worrying about what time I needed to eat, how many calories I was having, and allowing myself foods that I didn’t previously and instead began focusing on my top 10 rules. By changing these simple things and following my own body I lost the weight, reshaped my body to the type I’ve always wanted, and became an extremely happy person in the process.

So where does this leave us? My guess is you are still confused about what to eat, when, and how much to exercise. You’re not alone. My goal with this website is to give answers to every single one of the questions above. I can’t do it in a single post and will already tell you there is no magic formula. What I can tell you though, is I will try my hardest to explain why diets and calorie counting don’t work, how to start listening to your own body instead of all these sources that give you information without knowing your shape, activity level, lifestyle, and dedication. I will explain what exercises to do and how to tie it all together with your emotions to become a happier person, which will in turn lead to life long successes rather than temporary weight loss.

I look forward to hearing and sharing your success stories and hope we can start a new journey together!

-Nikki x

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  1. Fiona says:

    Remove all sugar from your diet including fructose, two pieces of fruit a day is ok. The body cannot process fructose so it converts it straight to fat. consider how much sugar is in a glass of apple juice it’s shocking!

    Last year I was on weight watchers where fruit and veg is unlimited, one week I cut fruit from my diet completely and lost 4lbs.

    • I understand weight watchers and them trying to get you off man-made sugar things, but they really don’t do a good job of explaining WHY you need to cut sugar out! I’m the same, when I cut most fruit out I lose weight quick. and yes, apple juice….so bad! Thanks for checking out the site 🙂

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  3. Megan says:

    what do you eat before and after exercising, this is something I have been asking for a long time! are protein shakes any good or am I better to sticking with poached eggs, tuna etc?

    • I like Sun Warrior protein powder. Try a banana prior and a green smoothie afterwards with vegan, hemp, soy protein powder and some spinach (you wont taste it) plus a bit of carbs like oatmeal (raw) if you do more cardio based workout x


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