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18 Feb 2016

My book comes out in 5 weeks and I literally couldn’t be MORE flipping excited. I mean, I have a book. A real, physical book that will be on shelves in places from Barnes & Noble to Walmart- like what?! This is insane!

Through all of my own writing and planning on getting it released with my publisher, I haven’t been keeping you in the loop as much as I should and so naturally, many of you didn’t even realize that I had a book coming out! (How the heck did I not share this like 50x over the past few months?!) Anyways, the main question that I keep getting why you all should buy this so I wanted to touch base on the e-book, app & book difference and why you need the detox book!

Sneak preview of the book! 


Why should you buy the book if you already own the app or e-book?

If you don’t want to read further, then just take a minute to watch this video as it explains everything pretty darn well. I will go into further detail below with some exclusive content from the book that you can ONLY see here!

The biggest differences between all three:

  • THE EBOOK: this was 30 pages and had a little bit of information regarding the foods you incorporate as well as a bit of info on the ones you cut out. There was some guidance on following the plan, but not a lot. You all had a LOT of questions when you read the ebook.
  • THE APP: this recently came out in November and went to #1 in 6 countries. Why? Because it’s an awesome app that walks you through the detox and has male/female sections. This is definitely and upgrade from the ebook and is a great supplemental tool to the book. The app has the meal plan and a bit of information, but it doesn’t give you the full run down on exercise, what to do after the detox is done, or anything related to mental well being and keeping the weight off. I think that once you have the book and decide to do the Detox, the app is the perfect thing to help keep you on track. But should you buy this and not the book? I don’t think so. 
  • THE BOOK: when I decided to turn the Detox into a book, I asked YOU what you wanted to know about nutrition and health. Your questions ranged from the best kitchen equipment to buy and how much to spend, to what to do if you cheated while on the Detox and if what sort of exercise you need to do. You also wanted to know what to do after the Detox was over to maintain results. There were hundreds of questions you all wanted answered and I turned all of these into the content of this book. The biggest difference between this and the ebook/app is that it really is like a little bible to health and how to finally stop yo-yo dieting. It includes SO much information that I cannot even tell you in just one blog post. If you’ve ever had a question about nutrition, how to lose weight, what is holding you back, how to get rid of insomnia (and so much more) it is answered in this book! The ebook and app do not go into any of this content.


What you will see in this book:

  • My bio and story to help inspire and motivate you to finally get started on your own journey!
  • Information on cravings, what they mean and how to get over them.
  • Chemicals in your food and the environment and the ones to avoid immediately.
  • How to read labels so you finally understand what they say.
  • Pre-tox: this guides you into how to get started, provides the updated shopping list, helps explain when to find a good time to do the detox, easing into the cleanse, foods we cut out and ones we add in- a lot of detail here, cleaning out your kitchen, prepping all your food, importance of your before and afters instead of the scale, and how to get the right mindset.
  • De-tox: all your recipes you need for the 5 days, which include brand new, never-before-seen recipes! What to do when you wake up, explanations on all of your meals, when it’s best to eat them, the importance of not skipping meals, your calendar, explanations of superfood powders, what symptoms you might see and how to deal with them, and what to do if you ‘cheat.’
  • Guy-Tox: this chapter is dedicated for men! It’s hard facts and scientific proof that shows you WHY you need to detox and why you’ll see better results doing this than if you do a paleo diet or eat a lot of protein. It teaches you how you’ll build more muscle from eating the foods on the detox, why you’ll have better sex (!), and other health benefits for my lovely male followers.
  • After-tox: so you’ve done the detox and saw great results, now what? Unlike other cleanses this book will teach you exactly what to do (it’s not hard either!) to maintain those amazing results and how to eat for life, in order to keep that beautiful you now have.
  • 60 full color beautiful photos to guide you through all the recipes, before and after photos of both males and females, and inspirational photos of myself.
  • An easy read! You will probably love this book so much that you’ll get through 288 pages without wanting to put it down.

And so much more! This book really contains everything you need to know about health, losing weight, mental wellbeing, and getting yourself out of a rut.


If you pre-order now you get 2 FREE ebooks and there’s a special something coming to you soon.

I can’t wait to get this book into your hands on March 22! 5 weeks to go!



2 Responses

  1. Sofie says:

    Hi Nikki,

    Greetings from Denmark 🙂 I just bought your new book – amazing so far – haven’t read it completely through YET! Can’t wait to start my detox – actually i have implemented some of the things already 🙂 Had the detox smoothie this morning – yum!

    I have just a few questions.
    1 – i can’t tolerate lemons, and i will get a rash/eczema around my eyes when having them. Can i sub with fx grape fruit or should i do ACV and varm water in the morning instead? Will this give a similar result? I am thinking of doing the detox a few times and then try to introduce the lemon/lime, and hopefully my body will be more tolerant then.
    2. Can i drink herbal tea (peppermint/licorice) all day diluted with water? Or should i be drinking pure water as well?
    3. and last one 🙂 Can i over a 2 month periode do the detox mon – friday and then eat a little less strict in the weekend – or is that much detoxing too much? I have a very clean lifestyle already and eat quite similarly to what you suggest, but with less greens – so this is the ideal way to get more greens into my diet.

    • nikki sharp says:

      Hi Sofie,

      Good luck with the detox! 1. ACV is great instead of lemons. can you do limes? if so use limes in the dressings. 2. diluted herbal teas are great all day! 3. You definitely can continue the detox as long as you would like, I sometimes do it 10 days straight, or I’ll do it for 3 weeks, taking weekends off. x

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