Your Questions answered part II

15 Jun 2013
  • Is it possible to be at a plateau with metabolism? No matter how well I eat with calorie deficiency & fasted cardio & weights I can’t lower my body fat. Yes, it’s very easy to hit a plateau unfortunately as most of us have experienced. I recommend writing everything you eat down each day to figure out where you can be a bit more strict with your food intake. You need to switch up your gym routine as well, meaning less fasted cardio for instance and lifting heavier weights. I promote bringing a little journal with you to the gym to keep track of the weights you are lifting, the reps, how much cardio you are doing. It’s the same as the food journal and you can figure out where you can make changes in order to see results.
  • How do you prevent a binge when craving carbs? My biggest recommendation is to keep healthy food in the house. There are times when you know you are going to binge and nothing you do will stop it; in that case I promote having coconut water and dried mango (it’s an amazingly satisfying combination during a binge). Getting out of your surroundings, so leaving the house if you are home or I always find picking up the phone and calling someone takes my mind off the food. You want to figure out if you are actually hungry (if so EAT AN APPLE!) otherwise if it’s emotional, you need to start figuring out WHY you are craving food. Are you mad? sad? lonely? want to celebrate? Once you begin to realize the emotions then you can stop the binges.
  • What beauty products do you recommend? All of the products in the picture which I bought recently and love all of them! I also swear by raw virgin coconut oil on a cleansed face at night (that’s the only product I use at night and all my fine lines have disappeared.)IMG_6743
  • How many calories do I need per day & what time should I stop eating? Because every person is different it’s tough for me to say an exact number; I also do not promote counting calories however I do promote counting colors, nutrients, and having 3+ colors of natural earth based foods at each meal. The main thing is to be eating when you are hungry, not large meals as your stomach is actually quite small, and I don’t recommend eating 3 hours prior to bed. A small snack is fine, but the thing to remember is that when you have food in your stomach your body is trying to digest it, which will disrupt your sleep.
  • What’s a good way for teenagers to stay fit without a gym? Being active outdoors! I love running outside, up and down hills, cycling, roller blading, playing tennis; pretty much anything outdoors really. Using park benches, chairs, sofas are great things to do jump squats with, dips, doing pushups with your own weight. It’s all about using your own body weight and doing things you find fun. Try the 99 workout (google it) for a great non-gym based workout.
  • Do you lose more weight by lifting weights or cardio workouts? Sadly I don’t have the answer to this as it’s not a black or white, right or wrong answer. You need to be doing both things in order to lose weight. If you only do cardio, then yes you will lose weight and the number on a scale will go down, but your muscle levels will also decrease. Muscles weigh more however they are more compact, which is why you can weigh more but look slimmer. They also burn more calories than fat does, so ideally you will lift wights in order to increase muscles on your body (don’t worry about getting bulky), which will decrease body fat, sculpt your body shape and do cardio a few days a week, preferably HIIT (see my previous post for my gym tips)
  • What are healthy ways to gain weight? I recommend coconut oil for both weight loss and weight gain. That’s because it can curb cravings, but also has a lot of healthy fats and calories. So having small bits (1TBSP a day) if you are trying to lose weight, versus up to 3TBSP if you are trying to gain. Healthy fats are a good way to increase calories which maintaining your healthy, so your avocados, nuts, coconut oil, olive oil. Increasing your lentils, beans, quinoa is a good idea.
  • What do you think about fasting? I think controlled fasting with fresh, cold pressed juices is a great idea, but you need to be completely certain of what you are doing prior to starting. I do not believe in just not eating as this will backfire and you’ll end up binging. With juicing, stay away from Naked juices or any of the pre-packaged ones as you cannot be certain of what quantities of each ingredient they are adding in, nor do they maintain the vitamins and nutrients after 24 hours. I recommend finding someone who has tried a juice fast and having them guide you. Start by adding one juice a day, then try having one for a meal, and finally a full day.
  • What do you think about when you run? All sorts of things! Sometimes it is my time to take all the negative comments I receive and just let them pass through my head, adding fuel to my fire. I take the comments of people saying I can’t do things and try to prove them wrong in my mind (while I workout). I put on amazing upbeat music and sometimes will replay things of my day of amazing comments I’ve received, negative things, talking to myself to solve a problem, and sometimes I think of nothing at all. I like to run outside with no music in a park and just listen to the sounds of nature.
  • Have you always had this passion for health & wellness? If not when did it start? I have been very interested in fitness from a young age. The passion for food didn’t come full heartedly until last year and it honestly came out of the blue. I was the pickiest eater growing up so to be so interested in food now is kind of funny. I originally thought I would become a personal trainer but realized I don’t like telling people what to do. I have experienced what most do, that the healthier you become, the more interest you get in it! 🙂



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